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A Surprise Weekend

March 5th, 2012

This weekend started as usual. We had our Saturday morning breakfast at our favorite place, then went to the local movie theater to see The Artist. I bought our tickets while my husband was parking the car & then went inside the lobby to wait for him. While I was standing there, one of the popcorn cooker alarms went off to tell the workers that the popcorn was ready. And it kept ringing & ringing. And I thought, “Boy, I hope they aren’t going to burn the popcorn! Why doesn’t somebody DO something!” By the time my husband arrived the alarm had stopped & we proceeded into the theater to get seats, popcorn & sodas, like usual. (We have a t-shirt that gets us free popcorn when we wear it to the theater & cups for $1 sodas.) We always split up at this point & I go to the restroom & then get seats while he goes to get popcorn & soda. This system works well for us. As I was washing my hands, the fire alarm went off & a recorded voice instructed everyone to exit the building. I went into the hall & all the theaters were emptying out. I waited to the side until I could spot my husband & we could exit together. You may think I was crazy & should have gotten the heck out of there, but I wasn’t too worried. This is not the first time we’ve been through this. I think this is the third time we’ve been at the theater when the popcorn was burned. The last time this happened, our movie was about 10 minutes from being over. Kinda takes the fun out of the experience. We all had been waiting outside for about 5 minutes or so when a manager came out & announced it was a false alarm & we could go back in now. Well, duh! So we split up again & I went for a seat while he went for the food. When I got to the theater, the fire alarm was still going off, over & over again with a strobe light blinking constantly. After a few minutes it finally stopped & everybody let out a sigh of relief. I was about ready to stuff the popcorn in my ears! By this time the movie was about 10 minutes overdue, but we were willing to wait a little for it to start & give the staff time to get everything back to normal. Then the unthinkable happened again! Yes, the fire alarm started up again. I wasn’t sure what to do since we knew it was a false alarm. All the other movie goers filed out again. We sat there for a couple of minutes & then we went to see what was going on now. There was another manager in the hall & told us that the movies would be halted for now & gave us each 2 free tickets to come back another time. So here we were with 2 sodas & a bag of popcorn & no movie. We could have gone to another location, but talked it over & decided to do something different. I had heard about a butterfly exhibit at a local garden that was starting this weekend. We both had our cameras with us, it was great weather, so off we went. Now I have almost 600 new photos to go thru, process & pick out the best ones to post online. Here are a few that I posted earlier today. There will be many more to come, including several butterfly photos. Stay tuned.

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